My Period | Felicia Grip

Let’s start from the beginning! At what age did you get your very first period?

I was 12 years old! I remember it very well, as the wait was long compared to the other girls in my class. Stressful times!

How did you learn more about periods? (i.e. parents, friends, a book, online etc.) 

I actually learnt about periods in my school, we had period education at the age of 11 and I loved those lessons. I loved all the cute packaging and colours! Though, I got a bit stressed because many of the girls in my class already had theirs and knew all about it already.

Do you remember feeling happy to get your first period, or worried about it?

I remember feeling a mixture of both happy and worried. As I was waiting for my period and I also wanted to be able to tell my classmates that I got my period too. But once it came, I felt sad and that I sort of had become a woman (I wish I could be there to tell myself that I had many years to come as a child). I went crying to my mum, saying I didn’t want it and I felt embarrassed! 

How were your periods growing up: light or heavy? 

I remember using a normal-sized tampon, and that was fine! So I guess they were normal, whatever that is...

How about now?

They are heavier now, but shorter! I’ve just taken out a copper coil that I had for four years, and my period is back to normal. Heavy but short!

However, the coil made my periods heavy and long and a bit painful. Which was a bit annoying when I'm naturally blessed with a pain-free, 3 day period. 

Do you experience any uncomfortable feelings when you’re on your period? (i.e. cramps, headaches, anxiety, etc.) 

I don’t really experience any pain, which I'm very pleased about. However, my anxiety and “two-day depression” is real. During these two days, I’m in a cloudy rainstorm and have a hard time finding anything positive in my life and surroundings. Even though I know it’s my hormones, this can be very difficult to comprehend when feeling down. 

What do you do to ease this?

This is probably the thing I’m still struggling with. When I feel like this I usually try to treat myself with some self-care and surround myself with my friends and talking about how shitty I am feeling. Gosh, I feel bad for them, haha!

Are you team tampon, team pad, or something else?

I’m team tampon in the day and team pad in the night! It’s more comfortable that way, and you don’t need to run to the toilet to change your tampon in the morning whilst leaving a trail to the bathroom. Yes, that happens with heavy but short periods...

How does your contraception affect your period?

I decided to go all natural, no contraception!

What’s your number one self-care tip for when you’re on your period?

I love to order a take-away, put my PJ’s on and watch a movie. Preferably a movie I’ve already seen a hundred times before, so I can focus on my food and fall asleep in a food-coma. 

How does your mood change during the cycle?

My mood changes quite a lot during my cycle… Sometimes I don’t really understand it myself, but afterwards, I understand and go to my flatmates for a hug and a laugh. 

What’s one myth about periods that you’d like to dispel?

I don’t know about myths…. But something I would like to share is that whenever I’m in new environments with women my period changes… Moving in with new flatmates and my period cycle is becoming more similar to theirs… This means that we have PMS around the same time, which can be quite intense haha!