Yoppie Loves: Our favourite feminist power T-shirts

Nothing says “I’m a strong, independent woman” quite like a bold slogan tee - a surefire way to feel empowered in any situation. If you want to turn heads with some boldly brilliant attire, check out this list of our picks of the best feminist-inspired T-shirts from around the internet - and don’t forget to let us know your favourites!

Strong Female Lead

Take note, Hollywood execs: this plain white tee from The Spark gets straight to the point, and is all about female representation, made clear by its big, bold, standout lettering. If you want to feel like the strong female lead in your own life, this one may be the ideal inclusion for your feminist wardrobe.


Feminist Manifesto

This mishmash of different illustrated feminist slogans, found at Wolf & Badger, features such classics as “Gender equality”, “Feminism is not a dirty word” and our personal favourite, “Free the nipples!” This one has plenty of talking points for when you next see your friends, just don’t be freaked out when they start to read your chest…


Know Your Worth

Everyone needs an oversized, super comfy sweatshirt, and this one on Rani & Co. is perfect for any entrepreneurial feminists out there. “Know your worth, then add tax” is the kind of straightforward advice we all need to hear every now and then, and having it emblazoned on your chest means you’re unlikely to forget these wise words.


Your Body, Your Choice

Amnesty International teamed up with streetwear company Everpress to launch their Rebellion collection, a limited-edition range of feminist t-shirts inspired by their Write For Rights campaign. We love this one as it’s simple, features warm colours, and makes a bold statement - but then again we’re a fan of anything with ovaries on it!

Feminist Neckline

If you’re looking for something clean and understated, this simple white tee found on Urban T-Shirts features a delicate neckline detail that keeps your feminist identity close to your heart - no frills, nothing fancy, just a touch of feminism where your necklace should be. It’s also perfect for when you add layers or outerwear, as it will always peek out.

Empowering Emmeline

“I incite this meeting to rebellion”... the quote from leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst that just gives you shivers! We love this red and white tee inspired by the Votes for Women movement, from Bookishly. Powerful words in a fun design.

I Rely On Me

Assert your fierce independence with this simple black tee, to tell the world in no uncertain terms... “I rely on me”. It’s from The She-Shirt Shop (10/10 for brand name) and we can think of nothing more empowering to put on with jeans in the morning before a busy day to remind you that you’ve totally got this and can tackle anything.

Girl Power

The best way to celebrate girl power? With embroidery, of course! This one from Emma Warren brings the gal pal vibes with a cute, illustrated design that really says “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”. Well, you do.

Boob Tee

OK, so it lacks the sophisticated bold slogans we mentioned earlier, but what better way to show off your feminism than to wear your boobs on the outside of your T-shirt?! This one from Never Fully Dressed is one of our favourite ways to free the nipple, and we love the simplicity of the cartoon lady bits. May they always remain this perky!

Do you have a favourite feminist T-shirt you’d like to show us? Get in touch over on Instagram @itsyoppie - we’d love to see more!