Yoppie Loves: Our favourite menstrual art on Instagram

Anyone else obsessed with scrolling through Instagram in search of period art? (Just us?) There are some incredible pieces out there; the funny, the unusual, the shocking… we love it all! Here’s our roundup of the best period art on Instagram.

Pastel period

We love that every colour in this piece is muted except for the red blood. Captioned “bloody and bold” by artist @ninalerch.illustration, it certainly caught our attention and made us explore the other illustrations on this account, all equally beautiful and creative.

Portrait of a period

A shiny disco ball and periods represented by glitter… what’s not to love?! This still from photographer @flavieeidel makes a powerful statement in a fun way, and definitely encouraged us to stop scrolling and take it all in.

Bloody beautiful

This gorgeous piece from artist @bbbibilandia in Brazil is simply stunning, and gives us underwear goals (even if they’re just illustrated). If only we could all be adorned in flowers every time we had our period!

Hair goals!

Artist @laetitiaky is known for transforming her hair into some amazing shapes, and it’s this photo that caught our attention, along with her emotive caption about her own period. Her hair has also become a jump rope, a guitar, and even a wearable bikini. This is some seriously versatile hair!

Party on a tampon

Party on top of a tampon, anyone? We can’t get enough of this fun piece from @sonyarobine, depicting three women having what looks like a damn good time atop a giant tampon. Sonya has lots of taboo-breaking period art so definitely take a look at her IG.

Do you need a tampon?

Those colours though?! We love anything bright and eye-catching, and if the dazzling primary colours don’t draw you in, the large dangling tampon will. This piece from South African graphic designer and illustrator @iamsaintrose is one of our absolute favourites.

Go with the flow

We just love this piece from illustrator @sillyhilli, and the carefree look on the girl’s face as she casually perches on top of a sea of menstrual blood. Hey, sometimes you have to go with the flow and try to have a good time while your lady parts suffer, right?

If Banksy used tampons...

Now for something a little more… erm, possibly illegal? Still, we can’t help but admire this show-stopping sculpture from @vagina_jul. If you want to see more of this giant bloody tampon, there’s a video on Instagram here.

Yes to plastic-free periods

This clever piece from artist @lisa.bagwell is a powerful statement about plastic in our oceans. Lisa creates “art from found objects”, and since tampon applicators are a huge contributor to our planet’s plastic problems, we can imagine it would be easy to find these artistic materials on the beach. But assembling them into this cool shark takes skill!

Join the pants party

There are so many amazing pieces of art, but this one might just be our favourite. @normanarteb makes menstruating look like the most fun with this illustration called ‘People who Menstruate’. Can we join the period party, please?

Have you been stopped in your Instagram scrolling tracks by another piece of period art? We LOVE discovering more of these, so let us know over on our Instagram @itsyoppie!