Yoppie Loves: Our favourite menstrual educators

Periods used to be talked about only in hushed tones, but as a society we’re starting to become more vocal and accepting of all things vaginas! We’re learning more about how menstruation connects to our overall health and happiness, the areas where education is lacking when it comes to women’s health, and the disparity between periods here in the UK and in the developing world. 

At Yoppie, we have a mini celebration each time we discover a new period organisation or influencer working towards the greater good. So… introducing our favourite menstrual educators! What is a menstrual educator, you ask? Read on to find out.  


Irise works to create positive change and period equality for everyone. They believe this starts with transforming the experiences of young people, creating a supportive local, national and international community, and building a global framework to address the root causes of the issues faced. We couldn’t agree more. They’re striving to end period shame, and tackling it in a number of interesting ways - check out what Irise do, here.


The clue is in the name. Freedom4Girls has one goal; to counter period poverty and strive for menstrual equity for all. They provide free products to those who need them, research environmental impacts of period poverty, deliver menstrual health education, and work to reduce stigma. They also run workshops teaching people to make reusable period pad kits for women in Kenya and Uganda - a fab idea! Learn more about Freedom4Girls, here.


Red Box Project 

This initiative supports young people by providing red boxes filled with free period products to local schools. Girls are still missing out on education because they can’t afford the period products they need, and access to this stuff can make all the difference in their education. Starting in Portsmouth, the project has provided constantly stocked boxes of menstrual products in schools UK-wide and abroad, and we’re all about it - find out more, here.


Actually Mummy 

Actually Mummy is run by blogger Helen, who writes about parenting teenagers. Helen covers all sorts of topics, but it was her blog titled ‘A Guide to Periods for Dads – What your daughter wants you to know’ that caught our attention. It’s the ultimate guide for period-savvy Papas thinking of discussing menstruation with their daughters, and Helen candidly shares the conversations her family have on the subject. It’s certainly worth a read!


Claire Baker, Period Coach

There’s such a thing as a Period Coach. No, really, we were as surprised as you. Actually, it makes sense; sometimes you need an expert to help navigate the hormones and cramps and other fun things that affect our lives monthly, and Claire Baker has the advice you need. She’s an author, speaker and natural fertility teacher empowering people to live in harmony with their natural cycle. There’s a free online class if you’re curious - find out more.


GiveHer5 is a social initiative bringing safe sanitary solutions to women in rural India. 400 of the 600 million women in India can’t afford sanitary protection and are forced to miss 5 days of school or work each month - so the name ‘GiveHer5’ is very fitting. They educate on period health, and collect donations to provide Saafkins™, a reusable and affordable sanitary pad that’s antimicrobial and skin safe. Check out what GiveHer5 are doing, here


Wear White Again 

We can totally relate to the name Wear White Again! This blog is for those who experience heavy periods, sharing info from and for healthcare professionals, and resources for those living with heavy periods. Their blog is even keeping up with the unexpected issues that come with having your period during quarantine - very topical! We love their free downloadable period tracker, and if you want to find out more you can visit the website, here


Binti Period 

Binti believes every girl deserves menstrual dignity; that means access to education, pads, and freedom from the stigma that still clouds menstruation. They work to ensure girls have access to pads around the world, teach them to make their own, and source them affordably. Educating young girls on what to expect when menstruating is so important, as it eliminates the fear many girls feel when getting their first period. They’re doing vital work over here.

Nicole Jardim, AKA The Period Girl 

This Period Coach is normalising menstruation. Nicole believes that hormones don’t have to ruin your life, and we completely agree. She’s a Certified Women’s Health Coach who’s passionate about helping people be active participants in their own health. She’s also the author of ‘Fix Your Period: Six weeks to banish bloating, conquer cramps, manage moodiness and ignite lasting hormone balance’... sign us up! Check out her site, here.

Bloody Good Period

Another bloody good name! Bloody Good Period is on a mission to make necessary menstrual supplies available to everyone, even those who cannot afford them - particularly refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK. BGP gets pads to those who need them, provides menstrual education to those less likely to access it, and works to normalise periods so we can all talk about them openly. You can read more about what they do, here

Have you come across any other sources of great menstrual education? We’d love to know! Do us a favour and tell us over on Instagram @itsyoppie so we can learn more.