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What is in a tampon anyway? |   Is organic better?  
Can your vagina absorb stuff?   | Are we vegan?  
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Not all organic tampons
are created equally  

We've taken some of the best ideas from conventional tampon design & recreated them with natural ingredients - ethically produced without chemical additives.

So you can be kinder to your body without compromising on comfort & leak protection.

sustainable agriculture

lab-tested & PH-neutral

PETA certified
vegan & cruelty-free

Global Organic Textile Standards licence

Why Organic?
Some scientists have suggested that exposure to small of amounts of pesticide traces & other toxins found in conventional tampons can have a cumulative effect over time - after all, the vagina is one of the most absorbant parts of the body. And yet there is little if any meaningful research on the long-term effects for regular tampon users.

We exist... 
To give you the low-down so you can make your own judgement. Click on the + in the table to find out more.


100% organic cotton core

Reduces the risk of harmful pesticide residues.
Cotton is less likely to shed fibres in the body

100% organic cotton cord

Securely stitched into the core - avoiding the glues used in some conventional tampons

0% synthethic dyes & fragrances

Avoids upsetting your body's natural PH balance & the'good' bacteria that protect against Bacterial Vaginosis & yeast infections.


Independantly lab-tested to be hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of irritations & allergic reactions

No chlorine bleaching 

Our organic cotton is purified without chlorine, to avoid unnecessary exposure to dioxins which, even at low levels, have been linked to reproductive & hormone disruption

Chemically grown cotton

Non-organic cotton farming is chemical-intensive, accounting for 16% of global insecticide use. In 2018 the French agency (ANSES) found traces of banned pesticides in major European tampon brands.

Viscose & other synthetics

Synthetic fabrics like viscose rayon are more likely to shed fibres in the body & have been linked to cases of TSS

Chemical additives

Research has shown that fragrances or 'odour-neutralisers' in tampons can expose the user to endocrine-disruptors such as Phthalates

Chlorine bleaching

Chlorine dioxide bleaching leaves traces of dioxins - classed by the W.H.O as a dangerous substance - which can be absorbed through the vagina walls but are not easily expelled by the body 


In some cases, tampon cords are attached with adhesives. 


different chemicals that personal care 'fragrances' could potentially be made from


the estimated number of tampons the average woman will use in her lifetime


out of 8 major tampon brands found to contain potentially toxic residues in a 2018 French study


obligation for UK & European brands to disclose synthetic & chemical additives

Eco-friendly period subscriptions

Join the club & have kinder period care drop through your letterbox every month

Cleaner Sources
Organic cotton agriculture produces up to 94% less greenhouse gases & avoids harmful synthetic pesticides

Less packaging
With Yoppie's single-layer refill boxes - not a plastic applicator or mailing bag in sight

Recycle it
100% Recyclable wraps and packaging

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A mix of Regular, Super & Super Plus non-applicator tampons in 1 pack
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