Your Guide To Menstrual Health

Do you put as much thought into your intimate health as your diet / skin / exercise regime? At Yoppie, we want to raise the profile of intimate health & give it a front row seat. So, whichever period care products you use, take the time to gen up on keeping your periods happy & your lady bits healthy.

Basics First

Using Tampons

Always wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon

Never insert more than one tampon at a time 

Change your tampon every 4 - 8 hours or more frequently if required

Always adjust tampon absorbency to suit your flow

Only use tampons during menstruation, and ensure the removal of the last tampon once your menstruation has ended

 Although rare, Tampons have been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) - read more on this below

Questions? Read more about Period Health in our FAQs

Using Pads

Always wash your hands before and after using a pad 

 Always change pads regularly and use lower absorbencies (like Yoppie Day pads) on your lighter days

 Only use pads when you are menstruating

Find out more in the Period Health section of our FAQs

Using Liners

 Yoppie Liners are made with natural cotton so are breathable enough for every day use, even if you're not on your period. 

TSS Awareness 

What is it & who gets it?

Toxic Shock Syndrome [TSS] is a rare, but serious illness caused by a toxin-producing strain of Staphylococcus bacteria that can sometimes be fatal. TSS can occur in both men and women of any age as a result of burns, bites or even surgery. With around half of all cases occurring in menstruating females, TSS has been linked to tampon use so knowing about it is especially important for girls and women. 

Can I prevent it?

There is, as of today, no scientific proof that using organic cotton tampons will prevent TSS, as bacteria can still build in any material - natural or synthetic - over time: so, it’s important that you change a Yoppie or ANY tampon you use frequently. The good news is there are many ways to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome - most importantly, follow the Using Tampons guide above. You can also find out more in the Period Health section of our FAQs


Body & Mind

But it's not just about the physical - periods & intimate health can be a difficult time for any woman at any time, not just in our teen years. At Yoppie, we know that opening up the conversation &  learning about shared experiences has a role to play.
You're not alone - read Fem Life.