We think it’s time to talk openly about periods, and we want to learn about yours! Welcome to the ‘My Period Story’ blog series, where we’ll be asking people to share their story and their advice for others. 

To start things off, we’re talking to Yoppie founder Daniella Peri about her period, her advice to her younger self, and the top self-care tips she has for anyone who needs some time-of-the-month TLC.

Let’s start from the beginning! At what age did you get your very first period?

"I got it at age 13"

How did you learn more about periods? (i.e. parents, friends, a book, online, etc.)

Do you remember feeling happy to get your first period, or worried about it?

How were your periods growing up: light or heavy?

How about now?

Do you experience any uncomfortable feelings when you’re on your period? (i.e. cramps, headaches, anxiety, etc.)

What do you do to ease this?

Are you team tampon, team towel, or something else?

How does your contraception affect your period?

What’s your number one self-care tip for when you’re on your period?

Have you ever had any period-related embarrassing moments? 

How does your mood change during your cycle? 

What’s one myth about periods that you’d like to dispel?

If you could tell your teenage self anything about growing up, periods or otherwise, what piece of advice would you give her?