Curious about our products? Read our reviews below.


Curios about our products? Read our reviews below.

”I’ve tested all these products over the last few days and I have been really happy with them. They are leak-proof and I know that this can be an issue for those already gave birth and those with heavy periods.”

Eva @captainbobcat

roxy Thank you so much for what you are doing! I was totally shocked to learn what was in other feminine products…

sally Really enjoying my liners - they are so much better than the usual ones as they don’t sweat if you know what I mean. Like wearing nice cotton pants instead of nasty nylon ones.

”I love Yoppie, as its products are all made using organic cotton, which is kinder to your vagina. Plus. free shipping, FYI!”

Alice Snape

liane I just wanted to say thank you for my tampons. Ever since having my son last year, using store bought tampons is so painful, however these are so comfortable! Also the packaging is so lovely! You can really tell you care about female health, hygiene and happiness!! Xx

”The package arrived. It is amazing, thank you so much!”


primordial_press I used my first box last week. Just posting to say I was impressed and will be keeping my subscription. I really recommend this to anyone considering giving it a try 💖