Do you need help with your order?
That’s what the Y Squad is for!
Think of them as your personal period genies, they’re here to help you make the most out of your period routine.

Loves running as a way to keep her PMS in check. But won’t say no to a snickers when she’s in her menstrual phase 🏃‍♀️🍫

Sophie at Y Squad

The self care queen when it comes to her period routine. It’s all about the bubble baths and the face masks 🛁 🧖‍♀️

Felicia at Y Squad

Too Many Products In Your Pack?

Why not pause for a bit if you have accumulated too many. Go to:

Manage Subscriptions -> Delivery Schedule -> change your “next charge date”

and choose the date you next want us to ship your pack(s) - easy! Your next payment won’t be charged until then.

Not Enough Products?

It’s easy to increase the number of packs. Go to

Manage Subscriptions → Edit → Change Product Quantity.

This will give you 2 or more of the same box.

Not enough in 1 but 2 packs is too many? Our Y Squad can help you adjust the combo of packs & delivery frequencies to get you a better outcome. Contact us for options.

Worried Your Packs Won't Arrive In Time For Your Next Period?

It’s easy to change your date. Go to:

Manage Subscriptions → delivery schedule

Select the subscription you want to bring forward → ‘next charge date’ → choose the date you want us to ship (allow x days for shipping time).

Want to align different subscriptions so that they arrive around the same time?

If you have created different subscriptions at different times they may have different delivery schedules. Go to Manage Subscriptions , delivery schedule , select the subscription you want to bring forward → ‘next charge date’ → change the date to align with your other subscription. We unfortunately can’t guarantee different packs will always arrive at same time.

Tampons or pad types not absorbent enough?

Swap out for a different pack.

Tampon users: Our regular tampons are for lighter days and it’s easy to make your next order super or super plus tampons instead. Many of our customers prefer Combo packs as most women have lighter and heavier flow days. Our top tip for a couple of heavy days, checkout Combo Standard and if you have heavier periods Combo Heavier is the pack for you.

Pad Users: Our day pads are for lighter days. Switch to our Night Pads (for heavier flow days or overnight) or Pad Combo.

Go to Manage Subscriptions → Swap & select a replacement pack. Your delivery dates won’t change.

Top tip (tampons): if you have a couple of heavy days checkout Combo Standard / if you have heavier periods, try Combo Heavier.

Need to adjust for a short or long menstrual cycle?

Our Y Squad can adjust your subscription frequency to 3 weeks if your cycles tend be short.

Did you know?! Women do not fit into the assumed “around 28-29 days"!

You need tampons and pads (liners and pads) but want them together?

Go to Manage Subscriptions → Add Product and select your extra pack. These will be shipped together on the same delivery frequency.

Moving home or want to change your payment?

Go to Manage Subscriptions , select the right subscription if you have more than 1: in here you can update payment information or edit shipping address.

How Do I Access 'Manage Subscription'?

If you have already activated your subscription account, log in then enter your email address and password. Then click ‘next’.

Forgotten your password?

Go to the log-in page, select 'forgotten password' and follow the instructions.

I can’t access/log-in/troubleshooting

Never set up your ‘manage subscription’ account? Create one here.

Having problems accessing your account? No problem - select create account invite & we’ll send you an email with a link to your account. Make sure to use the email address you originally used to create your subscription.

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