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It's Time To Ride Your Cycle: Your WHOLE Cycle

It's Time To Ride Your Cycle: Your WHOLE Cycle

Written by Daniella Peri

14 Mar 2022

Why we’re no longer talking about (just) periods

We’re helping you tune in to your cycle 

We’re turning up the volume on personalisation

Confession time: I am so over talking about periods. Stay with me here! As the founder of a period care company this statement probably makes no sense, but what I mean is, I’m sick of talking only about periods. Our 100% organic, plastic-free pads and tampons will always be at the core of our range, but we want to focus on more than the bleed week and shine a light on the other three phases of your menstrual cycle.

As we launch the next phase of Yoppie’s journey, I wanted to introduce it to you myself; we’re empowering you to ride every single phase of your cycle, from bleed to egg drop and back again. We’ve got a whole new outlook on what it means to menstruate, and I’m excited to share our new direction with you.

Here’s what’s happening at Yoppie… 

Why we’re no longer talking about (just) periods

We’ve spent years perfecting our tampons and pads, and they’re pretty perfect, if I do say so myself! But the more we speak to our community about what you really need and want each month, the more we realise it’s time for the next phase of our journey to begin. 

We’re reimagining the entire menstrual cycle, from the energetic follicular phase to the troublesome luteal phase and beyond, to make sure you (yes, you) have the ability to take full control of every symptom your cycle throws at you. How? By tuning in to what your body needs at all times, and giving it exactly that. And if you’re thinking “wait, but how do I know what my body needs?!”... that’s what your personalised Yoppie dashboard is for. 

We’re helping you tune in to your cycle 

For too long the only question you needed to ask yourself was “is it a regular or a super-absorbent tampon kinda day?”. And while that might work for some, I’m guessing you’re here because your cycle isn’t as neat and punctual as historical period ads would have you believe. (I mean seriously, why are women always playing tennis?!)

It’s time to stop letting Mother Nature get the better of you, and take control of your cycle. Not just the bleed week, all of it. The acne days. The anxious days. The days when you can barely make it off the couch let alone do a HIIT class. Instead of plugging up on bleed days and pretending the rest of it’s not happening… what if you listened to your body and provided what it needs to feel happy, healthy and confident at each phase? Here’s a quick look at what’s going on during your cycle:

Your Full Menstrual Cycle

Want to learn what phase you’re in right now? Click here to find out, and share yours on IG tagging @itsyoppie with #MYPHASE for the chance to WIN exclusive merchandise every week. 

We’re turning up the volume on personalisation

… and turning down the friction on understanding your own individual cycle. In the (sort of) words of Forrest Gump; period care shouldn’t be like a box of chocolates, you should know what you’re going to get. Personalised cycle care should not require a trip to the doctors and an expensive hormone test. Quality information should be readily available to you, and quality products should be easily accessed without leaving the comfort of home. 

We’ll always offer our 100% organic, eco-conscious bleed products, game-changing PMS supplements, hormonal skincare masks and science-backed info on our Full Stop blog, but we’ve got a few new things up our sleeve for those dealing with specific conditions as well as our brand new ‘shop by symptom’ function on our website. These updates move us closer to ensuring absolutely everyone can treat Yoppie as a one-stop-shop for their cycle.

Your menstrual cycle is unique to you so a one size fits all just won’t do.  Let us recommend what is best for you and your cycle by answering a series of questions about your cycle so we can create your perfect menstrual health plan here. Login & manage at any time on your dashboard.

Help us create the future of menstrual healthcare! If there’s something you want to see in our range or a problem we might be able to help you solve, we’d love to hear it. Get in touch in our private Facebook group, or reach out to @itsyoppie on Insta to tell us what you think.

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