Period care that works - naturally

We keep it real with organic products free from added toxins, synthetics and other nasties you probably never knew about.

Kinder to you

Kinder to the planet

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Natural means...

Kinder To You

Conventional period products are often packed with synthetics & plastics as well as chemically grown cotton. But our laws don't require manufacturers to disclose their contents.

Here at Yoppie we are Out & Proud: our products are made with 100% certified organic cotton - grown without harmful pesticides. All ingredients are listed.

Say hello to naturally absorbent, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products. 

Say goodbye to the dioxins, chlorine traces, phthalates & other nasties you never knew lurked inside your period products.

Natural means...

Kinder To The Planet

We believe that product performance isn't enough on its own. Given the enormous impact of disposable period products on our environment, we put sustainability at the heart of what we do.  Here's how:

- Unlike conventional pads (which are pumped full of plastic-based materials), at Yoppie we simply pump our pads full of lovely natural cotton.

- Yoppie pads & liners use a biodegradable waterproof backing.

- Yoppie tampons: we say no to plastic coatings & applicators.


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