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Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons

Made with 100% certified organic cotton, all of Yoppie's applicator tampons are crafted without synthetic fibres, fragrances, chemical additives or dyes. Plus there’s 0% plastic involved - so it's a big high-five for being healthier for you and the planet! Even better, our tampon applicators are made from forest-friendly cardboard, so that means no plastic nasties and sustainable manufacturing.

More Information

  • Cardboard applicator ("bioplastic" applicators can produce harmful gases in the landfill)
  • Fibre-Shield protection to reduce fibre loss inside the vagina (a common cause of irritation & infection)
  • Expands width-wise for superior leak protection
  • Hypoallergenic for a reduced risk of irritation
  • Without fragrances, synthetic fibres or dyes
  • Recyclable paper wrapper and 100% recyclable outer packs
  • Ethically manufactured in the EU
  • Available in a range of sizes: Regular and Super


Is delivery free?

Yes – on every order.

What are the delivery options?

Our delivery options are designed around the menstrual cycle so you'll get your applicator tampons by post whenever you need them. Once you have created your subscription box, you can choose between delivery every 3, 4 or 5 weeks. Want to try first before subscribing? You'll find that option too ✌️

How soon will I get my first box?

Want your period care asap? Choose the soonest available delivery date & you will receive your applicator tampons by post within 2-3 working days. Or choose a later delivery date if you want your monthly box to arrive just before your period starts.

Where do you deliver to?

We are currently shipping to the UK (Including the Isle of Man, Channel & Scottish islands) Ireland and Sweden.

Certifications & Composition

Applicator Tampons Composition

Fibre Shield outer layer: 100% organic cotton

Absorbent core: 100% organic cotton

String: 100% organic cotton

Applicator Tampons Certifications

Organic Applicator Tampons Certifications