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Super Soother Period Cramp Supplements

The symptoms of PMS may be different month-to-month or person-to-person, and one of the most common symptoms are those of the achey kind. This is why we created Super Soother. Formulated in collaboration with a qualified nutritionist, each daily capsule contains an impressive blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins that help alleviate the physical symptoms of PMS: cramps and inflammatory responses.*

*All health claims are European EFSA health claims and GB nutrition and health claims (NHC) or botanical "on hold" health claims.

What’s Inside (and why)

10 powerful ingredients that help support: 

Normal Muscle Function 

+ Magnesium contributes to normal nerve function.*

+ Pine bark extract helps maintain good health by protecting cells & tissues through its antioxidant property.*

+ Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the nervous system.*

+ Vitamin D contributes to the normal healthy inflammatory responses.*

+ Ginger may help to manage inflammatory responses and may help promote normal balance of inflammatory hormones [prostaglandins].* 

Nervous System-Support

+ Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function.*

+ Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.*

+ Vitamin C and Zinc contribute to the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage.*

Bone Health

+ Vitamin K and Zinc contribute to maintenance of normal bone.*

+ Ginger Root Extract helps to maintain mobility of joints.*

How to use

+ Take 1 capsule daily, preferably with a meal. 

+ Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

+ If you are under medical supervision, taking any medications, pregnant, nursing, or planning a pregnancy, please consult your healthcare professional before taking this product.

+ Once you have finished your supply, make sure to recycle your pouch! 

What makes our supplements so effective

All of Yoppie’s PMS supplements have been designed closely alongside a qualified nutritionist to ensure that they meet all three standards of a highly effective supplement: 

1. High Quality Nutrients 

Our vegan, quickly absorbed capsules contain only the best forms of nutrients available.  

2. Excipient-Free 

Our supplements only contain ingredients that are beneficial to your health.This means there are no unnecessary artificial flavourings, sugar or gelatines etc. 

3. NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values)

Unlike other generic multivitamins on the market, Yoppie’s supplements are symptom-targeted, which means we’ve included the most effective amount of each ingredient to ensure that you achieve the best individual results. 

Nutritional Label and Certifications

Super Soother Nutrients

Supplements Free From

Delivery and how to add to your box

Is delivery free?

Yes – on every order

What are the delivery options?

Our delivery options are designed around the menstrual cycle! Once you have created your subscription box, you can choose between delivery every 3, 4 or 5 weeks. Want to try first before subscribing? You’ll find that option too.

How soon will I get my first box?

Want your PMS support asap? Choose the soonest available delivery date & you will receive within 2-3 working days. 

Where do you deliver to?

We are currently only shipping to the UK (including N.I., Isle of Mann, Channel & Scottish islands).

If I already have a Yoppie box, how do I add supplements to my order? 

It’s easy! Just head to your dashboard, edit your next box and add your supplements.