Festive Femcare: Our Period Themed Christmas Gift Guide

What do you get the friend who has everything…including super heavy periods? If someone on your nice list this year suffers from painful, uncomfortable and annoyingly intense cycles, you can make them feel extra special and appreciated by helping make their period something to look forward to all year round. Have a wonder through our Christmas gift guide and have them feeling a ho ho whole lot better in no time!

Huggable Heating Pads

We reckon Mrs. Claus totally gets how annoying cramps can be. When they come out in full force, sometimes the only thing that will ease them is a soft hot water bottle rested atop your tummy. If your loved one is used to using an old, grubby hot water bottle, you could treat them to something more festive, fun and cosy, like these huggable heating pads from Urban Outfitters. They're also made with natural buckwheat grains and lavender which gives them extra eco points from us! 

Urban Outfitters Huggable Heating PadUrban Outfitters Huggable Heating Pad


A Pad and ‘Pon Pouch  

It’s that time of the month, and the bottom of your bag is littered with emergency period products, as well as the usual crumpled receipts and half eaten packets of chewing gum. Help keep things tidy in your friend’s handbag with a humorous, handy holder like this ‘Leak Week’ pouch from female-led Etsy business 'Made By Shannon.' Even better, Shannon's shop also promises that with every sale of a pouch she will donate a sanitary towel to the 'Bloody Good Period' charity, who diatribe sanitary products to women who cannot afford them, in an attempt to help end period poverty. A feel-good present that's also handy? Tick! 

Etsy Made By Shannon


Luxurious CBD Remedies 

In the last few years it’s been impossible to ignore the chatter about the all-healing powers of CBD, or cannabidiol – often referred to as cannabis oil – a compound found in cannabis plants. So this Christmas why not treat your loved one to an au natural and luxe herbal remedy that eases away their stress and body aches during that time of the month. One brand in particular that looks devine and that is making a lot of noise is Apothem. Their CBD-infused bath salts or body balms are promise deep relaxation and are enriched with powerful botanicals that deeply penetrate aching muscles.  

Apothem CBDApothem CBDApothem CBD


PMS-Approved Brew

Research shows that herbal teas like chamomile contain compounds that may help to relieve the cramping and bloating associated with periods. Chamomile tea is also thought to help regulate irregular periods by stimulating blood flow to the uterus, so if your friend has a hard time with her cycle, an organic and ethically sourced pack of Pukka chamomile tea could do the trick.


Menstrual Cycle Stationery and Books 

With better cycle tracking, comes better preparedness. Your friend can say goodbye to unexpected visits by tracking her period, and though there are a number of ways to do this nowadays (hello handy apps!), stationery like this PMS Tracker is always a winning stocking filler. It’s also a great gift idea for any friends who may be trying to get pregnant and want to track their ovulation. For that friend who likes to get a little more nerdy about their health, Maisie Hill’s Period Power is the perfect book that lays out everything women need to know about their periods and how they can affect their hormones and daily life.


Maisie Hill


A Meaningful Charity Donation  

If you’re keen to give something more poignant, making a charity donation in your loved one’s name to tackle period poverty could be the perfect gift. It's also the perfect change up from those typically wasteful office Secret Santa gifts. ActionAid allows you to donate as little or as much as you want, and helps fund hygiene kits for girls in poor overseas communities, as well as workshops teaching them about reusable sanitary products. Learn more hereand donate to a good cause for Christmas.

Action Aid UK


A Yoppie Box 

What better gift to receive at Christmas than a stocking full of tampons and pads, all 100% free from toxic chemicals; good for the vagina and good for the environment… a win-win! At Yoppie we’re passionate about ethical and natural period products, and if you have a friend who feels the same, then a gift box of our hypoallergenic, synthetic and bleach-free tampons will be the thoughtful gift they won’t forget! 

Yoppie Cotton Tampons GOTS Certified


What period-related pressies will you be getting your loved ones this year? Let us know over on Instagram! @itsyoppie