The Happy Period Champion | Terese Lann Welin

Hi Terese!

Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what you do? 

I’m the founder of the jewellery brand Statement by Lann and the co-founder of the project platform My Period is Awesome, which runs menstrual equity projects in South Africa, Namibia and Sweden. And I’ve got an AWESOME project I’m looking forward to discussing with the Yoppie team! As you can tell, I like to do a lot of different things and work with different projects, but the foundation of everything I do lies in menstruation and it’s connection to human rights.

Tell us about this Period project you recently launched in Sweden?

I have had this idea for a long time, but only now do I feel ready to set it in motion. This project is all about crushing this existing myth that women hoard sanitary products when they’re offered, for example, tampons free and consequently is the argument used against providing complementary sanitary products to women at work or in other environments. It’s absurd and I wanted to prove the exact opposite. Because to me, access to free sanitary items is actually a matter of human rights. Why would women take more than they need, and not only leave someone else without some but also waste the ones she doesn’t use? I don’t reel off the entire roll of toilet paper when I go to the loo at work or a restaurant as an example. So why should I fill my entire bag with tampons or pads?

The project kicked-off by encouraging one of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants to offer free period products, like free tampons. And it was a success! The project has shown that it is possible to offer period products for free and that it is an incredible added value for companies. We think this project will be a no-brainer and women will be offered free period products at work and in social spaces within a near future and we are looking forward to taking the next step together with actors like Yoppie.

And I also would like to Thanks, Yoppie’s for the discount! Thanks to them I didn’t have to dig too deep into my pockets to get this pilot project funded.

It’s truly an inspiring project and we couldn’t be happier to support it. Tell us more about why this cause, in particular, is so important to you?

What started as a willingness to help vulnerable women in desperate situations grew into an immense passion for human rights and gender equality. 800 million women menstruate every day, yet menstruation is something that is basically invisible in our society. The behaviour is so deeply rooted in our culture that we do not reflect on it, and we really need too!

Then there is the cycle in itself, which is wonderful to discover and learn how to embrace more effectively. To be able to really understand your body has so many benefits. Imagine if we could adapt our everyday lives more accordingly to our cycle. What a boost for both ourselves as individuals and society! I am very fortunate to have the ability to plan my schedule to avoid tough meetings and presentations during my expected PMS. However, not everyone has that privilege.

What do you do to stay motivated?

I get a lot of power from all the wonderful people who I run projects with! People like the women behind Yoppie. I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram, from all the wise individuals who reflect and share their views. And South Africa of course! I’ve been going back and forth for 11 years and I always feel empowered there. Hopefully, in a few years, I can book a one-way ticket.

Finally, what is your most favourite item?

I love my jewellery! Particularly our Statement Pieces. But I actually really love all the jewellery in my collection, to be honest, especially because it is made to shed light on Period Pride and Menstrual Equity! But depending on what I’m doing or feeling that particular day usually determines what I end up wearing. Right now, the Statement Arm Necklace in rose gold is a favourite, but also the Statement Pill Necklace in silver.

Thank you, Terese Lann Welin, On behalf of Statement by Lann