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Introducing Our Heavy Flow Pads

Introducing Our Heavy Flow Pads

Written by Daniella Peri

17 Jan 2022

A heavy flow shouldn’t slow you down 

Same ethics, (even) better absorbency 

Your perfect pad

Something BIG launches today here at Yoppie, and I couldn’t resist hopping into our Full Stop blog to announce it myself. It all started - as many great product love stories do - when we asked you what you want… 

Yoppie is committed to listening to feedback from our customers to find out what products will make your menstrual cycle easier. It’s why last year we channelled our inner Einstein to do some super clever maths and significantly reduce the prices of our bleed products, making them more affordable and accessible to everyone. 

It’s also why we have been developing our new superstar absorber… a pad designed especially for those with a super heavy flow. And it launches today!

A heavy flow shouldn’t slow you down 

For some, the bleed week lasts longer than average and produces more blood than a typical pad can soak up. Instead of having to change every hour and worry about leaks, we believe you should have a pad that’s designed specifically for those days. We know how tough they can be, so if you have a really heavy flow our new pad is one you can finally trust. 

Same ethics, (even) better absorbency 

Our new heavy flow pads are 45mm longer than our regular pad, and 15% more absorbent, while remaining ultra-thin for maximum comfort. Their wings keep them secure, and just like the rest of our products, they are hypoallergenic, PETA approved, and free from chlorine, fertilisers, pesticides and perfumes. They’re made from GOTS certified organic cotton, ensuring products contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres. 

Your perfect pad

If you already use our pads, your usual order will remain the same, but you may notice the names have been updated to make it clearer which pad is best for your flow. For example, the ‘Day pad’ is now called the ‘Light pad’, and the ‘Night pad’ is now called the ‘Regular pad’. Here’s a key to help you decide what works for you:

Yoppie Organic Eco Pads

If you think our new heavy flow pad is for you and you’d like to change your order, all you have to do is log in to your Yoppie dashboard and select the pads you would like in your order from now on. Simple! 

We’re thrilled to be launching even more options to make our products as inclusive and accessible as possible. Thank you for always giving us vital feedback to make this happen - we look forward to bringing you even more menstrual cycle magic in future. 

Daniella xxx

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