How To Smash An At-Home Workout While On Your Period

Coronavirus is keeping us all indoors at the moment, which means doing 80% of life in our living room; working, playing, eating, and of course, exercising. You shouldn't have to feel like you have to work out during this time, as let’s face it, we could all do with a little less pressure in our lives right now. But if your allocated one hour walk each day isn’t quite doing it for you, here are some ways to make the most of exercising at home while on your period.

If You’re Doing Yoga...

Yoga can be amazing to help with symptoms of PMS and relieve stress. Especially now with the current situation the world is in, a regular yoga practice could not be more beneficial. There’s no medical reason not to continue your yoga practice while on your period. The only thing you may want to avoid is inversion poses, as putting additional stress on your pelvic and abdominal area could worsen any pain you have.

Try incorporating poses that are likely to affect the problem areas; for example if you experience a lot of bloating on your period, try poses like Ardha Matsyendrāsana - otherwise known as Half Lord of the Fishes pose - to work out trapped wind and leave you feeling replenished. If cramps are your problem, this at-home Yoga for Cramps session from Yoga With Adrienne could be exactly what you need.

Curious about the best type of yoga practice to do during each phase of your menstrual cycle? has a great video on this.

If You're Doing HIIT Workouts...

There are plenty of online options for high-intensity interval training at home, with many otherwise offline personal trainers and coaches adapting their business to offer Skype or Zoom options during the pandemic. There’s also a plethora of free workout videos on YouTube, like the BeFit channel, POPSugar channel, and of course our trusty old favourite, Joe Wicks, AKA, The Body Coach. Thanks for those nostalgic PE lessons we’ve all been loving recently, Joe!

You don’t need to avoid HIIT workouts on your period. The beauty of doing these at home is that nobody can see you! So, if the worst happens and you leak a little, it’s really no big deal. Try not to overdo it though. You will likely feel lethargic and perhaps a bit achy while on your period, so doing an intense workout is not going to help you feel any better. Exercise if you wish to stay active and energised, but don’t forget to take it easy on your body.

If You’re Running...

Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just enjoy a casual jog each week, there is no medical reason that says you need to stop while on your period. Running is also still perfectly fine to continue with during the Coronavirus lockdown, as long as you stick to the rules. That means one hour of exercise a day, and avoiding contact with other people. 

Light running can actually help alleviate some of those annoying symptoms that come with your period, such as bloating and cramps. As with other forms of exercise, don’t push yourself to go faster or further if you aren’t feeling it - it’s OK to simply rest during your period. If you do fancy a run though, go for it! American long-distance Olympic runner Kara Goucher has even been quoted as saying “Some of my best races have come right after having my period. Train through it!”

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