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Getting to Know : Natalie Miller, Yoppie PCOS & Endometriosis supplement customer

Getting to Know : Natalie Miller, Yoppie PCOS & Endometriosis supplement customer

Written by Yoppie

09 Aug 2022

How long have you been suffering from symptoms before you found Yoppie PCOS and what was it like?

How long have you been using Yoppie and what are the results?

Natalie Miller (@_healthandhormones) has been taking Yoppie's Poly Complete Support & Endo Complete Support supplements for over 3 months. She uses her personal instagram to share her PCOS & Endometriosis struggles, her fertility friendly lifestyle as well as an honest account of her journey to get pregnant with her followers. Yoppie sat down with her to learn more...

How long have you been suffering from symptoms before you found Yoppie PCOS and what was it like?

My name is Natalie Miller; I'm 30 years old and live and work in Manchester. In 2020 my partner and I had planned to go on our last holiday before we started trying for a baby. However, the pandemic hit and no one was going anywhere, so we thought, why wait, and decided to come off contraception in May 2020 to see what happens. 

After a couple of months, I noticed my period hadn't returned. Although all the doctors reassured me not to worry and that it was expected as I had taken contraception for so long, I could sense something was wrong. I had had this sense even before coming off contraception that something was up as I was losing a lot of hair and had extremely light breakthrough bleeds. 

Something in me felt I needed to push further. As I'm quite petite and exercise a lot, the doctors alluded to me having hypothalamic amenorrhea, but I could feel it wasn't that. I was eventually taken for a blood test and an ultrasound scan, and that was when they found my testosterone levels were through the roof, and my ovaries were polycystic.

I don't look like somebody who has PCOS typically; I'm quite lean, have no acne, and none of the typical PCOS symptoms that you might expect somebody who suffers to have. But I didn't feel right within myself, and it wasn't just my absent periods. Hormonally I could tell something was off, and physically I was in a lot of pain; my whole left side was in debilitating discomfort, especially for somebody who's quite active. However, the doctors tried to write it off as ovulation pain. I thought if this is ovulation pain, how do women do this every single month?

So I just had to keep going back and asking - I had to trust myself; I knew my body and understood that something wasn't right. 

I was finally diagnosed in December of 2020 and was told over the phone that I have polycystic ovaries - it was done in a very flippant way. I had no idea what that meant, and when I put it into Google, all I read was you can't have children. I felt absolutely heartbroken. 

Coming from a psychology background, I'm used to doing my research and needed to channel myself into understanding what it meant to have a polycystic ovary diagnosis. I think the doctors were sick of me, and I'm sure they knew my number by heart with the amount I would call them up.

I wanted to know what holistic remedies were available, and that's when I started looking into diet supplements. With all the supplements I was taking for my PCOS and fertility health, I was taking nearly up to eight pills a morning. I felt like I was rattling around; I even had one of those Monday-Sunday pillboxes.

However, as I was reading up on symptoms, I found that pain was not a PCOS symptom, and I knew something was still up. 

Only last year did I get my endometriosis diagnosis through a specialist, which was after a lot of persistence on my end, as well as going through private healthcare. I don't know how women can suffer for so long! 

The pain was unbearable. I couldn't get up in the morning, I had extreme fatigue during the day, and nights were worse. The only good thing to come from the pandemic was being able to work from home whilst going through all the symptoms. The pain was everywhere; my bowels stuck to the side wall, my colon was twisted, and I had irregular bleeding - nothing was working as it should be.

I went from being someone who was super active and loved to go out and exercise to someone who struggled to get through the day. 

How long have you been using Yoppie and what are the results?

I love to use my platform to share my journey and was very vocal about all the different supplements I was using, the low-carb diet I was on, and the research I would come across. That's when Yoppie approached me with their Poly Complete Support supplements, which was a game changer. 

Instead of seven or eight pills every morning, I'm now taking one supplement that has it all. Obviously, the supplements I was taking were of my own findings, so I had no clue about the correct dosage, so it was so freeing to know that this one supplement had it all with ingredients that targeted insulin resistance, hormone balance, fatigue, skin and hair health, and most notably for me, reproductive health. 

Everybody's PCOS symptoms are different, so using Yoppie's website for expert advice to accompany the Poly Complete Support supplement was so beneficial. The website helped me understand what each ingredient was explicitly targeting. I found the tailored expert advice on the blog comforting, where doctors who didn't specialise in women's health could have limited knowledge. 

The main benefit I've seen from using Yoppie's Poly Complete Support supplement is that I now have a regular cycle, and I am ovulating every month! This is incredibly impactful for our fertility journey as we continue to try for a baby. To know everything is working as it should makes a huge difference!

After witnessing the positive impact on my PCOS after using Yoppie's supplement, I thought I might as well try the Endo Complete supplement for my endometriosis. I can confidently say it has been worth every penny! 

I thought I'd take it and see what happens, but if I'm honest I was sceptical, but honestly the reduction in pain is unmatched. I was almost scared to say that I'm not in pain, because you think, Oh, it might come tomorrow if I say that. I’m so pleased to say, three months on, I've gone from being in pain every day, to only having the odd day of pain.

I was amazed that only one pill could impact so many different endometriosis symptoms. For example, the turmeric helps to control inflammation in the body, and is packed with broccoli extract (which is hard to get hold of) to eliminate excess hormones. And to top it all off, where PCOS and endometriosis can consume so much of your mind, the subscription means the pills arrive at my door monthly, so I don’t need to spend any time worrying about it. 

I feel so much a part of the Yoppie community, from the IG-lives with specialists in the field to the blogs and even being a part of a WhatsApp group. The community encourages me to continue sharing my experience and story on my platform. I remember feeling so scared and alone, so if I can make sure others don't feel that and know how to advocate for their health, I'm doing something right. 

I want to also share that I did have a miscarriage earlier this year. Many women don't share when they have, but I feel it's important to share. We're continuing to try for a baby, and have since begun taking Yoppie's supplements, so it feels good knowing I'm doing something good for my hormones and knowing that I'm now ovulating every month. We have our fingers crossed, and will continue to share our journey, but we're pleased Yoppie can play a part in that journey.

Got a question about menstrual health, fertility or Yoppie's supplements? Get in touch with us directly on Instagram at @itsyoppie or email You can also join our private Full Stop FB group. Don't forget our menstrual care subscription can be a good place to start for supplements for your PMS, PCOS or Endometriosis as you can get them delivered easily & regularly through your letterbox. 

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